Popular Science

Popular Science Follows the Data in Launching Site Redesign

A website relaunch set for Nov. 18 seeks to improve user experience and capitalize on data gathered about site-visitor behavior. Read More

Modern Salon Mock-Up

Modern Salon's Social Media Success Story (Part 2)

Social media success means the ability to engage multiple channels and stakeholders—a strategy pursued with great success by Modern Salon Media Read More

Steve Reiss

The Full Treatment: How Modern Salon Created an Award-Winning Social Media Campaign

Working with stakeholders, fans, advertisers and its own assets, Modern Salon crafted a masterful brand experience tailored to the unique needs of its audience. Read More

Seen and Herd

Industry Update: Meredith Says ‘Yes’ to MyWedding; MPA Studies Social Media The report finds Instagram to be the fastest growing social media platform for magazine media Read More

The Guardian Is Being Swamped With ‘Dark Traffic’ And No One Knows Where It’s Coming From

The Guardian's website is being swamped by unidentifiable "dark traffic", and executives at the Read More

Platishers, beware: Say Media gives up on publishing

Three years ago, Jane Pratt celebrated the launch of her new site XoJane with Read More

Penton Marks Evolution to an Information Services Business Penton, a 120-year-old B2B company backed by new venture capital, is announcing its rechristening as Read More

Racing From The Bottom: 75% Of Brands Now Using Programmatic Not too long ago, one school of thought questioned whether or not programmatic advertising could Read More

Circulation managers, seeking to maintain reader levels, are often at the mercy of the digital team This morning I watched a magazine’s digital circulation crash. Well, not literally, but I could Read More

Why Hearst is pitching advertisers on its Facebook fans Hearst Magazines has made a concerted effort to increase its referral traffic from Facebook, and Read More

Time Inc. Willing to Sell Assets That ‘Make No Sense’

Time Inc. will test paywalls on its magazine websites next year and finish a Read More

Magazines Are Trying To Turn Readers Into Shoppers In the latest attempt to blend editorial content with commerce, Allure is working with MasterCard Read More

Industry Update: AllRecipes Goes Back to School; September Shows Growth Meredith Corp's AllRecipes foodie brand has launched an online school, "just in time for home Read More


Online Ad Viewability and Fraud: Upending the Status Quo Two of the biggest issues facing the online advertising market today are inextricably linked: viewability and fraud. Read More

Learning to Live Without Source Interlink: ‘This is Not Another Anderson News’ Editor’s note:  Since this report was filed, additional chains have been reported to be in the midst of transition: Giant Eagle, Target, Safeway and Giant; also the first round of Walmarts have reportedly begun transitioning. This will continue to change as more efforts are made to adapt to the situation. The publishing industry is not a... Read more » Read More

5 Ways to Move Beyond SEO to Develop Online Brand Recognition When I was first getting involved in search engine optimization (SEO) a number of years ago, the accepted wisdom of the SEO community was this: Branding is not a problem, or an issue, or a goal in the brave new world of online audience development. Why spend millions of dollars to develop a Nike-style “swoosh”... Read more » Read More



What ‘Dark Traffic’ Can Tell Us This week, The Guardian revealed that 10 to 15% of mobile visits to the newspaper come from untraceable 'dark traffic.' There are insights to be gained from these mystery visitors, however. Read More


Google releases hundreds of free icons

If you publish on the web (and who doesn't?) it's always nice to find a source for guilt-free graphics.

Read More


Achtung, Baby: Apple’s U2 ‘Gift’ is a Cautionary Tale You'd think there'd be nothing more important to the few media behemoths who dominate our digital lives than maintaining the illusion that we are in complete control of "our" content. Read More

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