Diana Mackie

5 Tips for Effective Community Management

In a world of User-Generated Content (UGC), mean comments and spam can ruin a site's appeal for its audience. Here are 5 things you can do to manage this. Read More

Susan Hackney

Christian Science Monitor Launches Multiphase Strategy for Growth

A look behind the Christian Science Monitor's website redesign and its action plan for growth and building a "dynamic, new relationship with its audience." Read More

Richard Stanton, Penton's new Chief Data Officer

10 Questions With … Richard Stanton, Penton's New Chief Data Officer

Part of Penton's drive toward digital and data was hiring a new Chief Data Officer, Richard Stanton. Here, Stanton talks with mediaShepherd about his new role and more. Read More

Seen and Herd

Time Inc. Creates Cross-Portfolio Native Advertising Group Bigger just might be better when it comes to offering native ad packages. At Time Read More

Why digital publishers want to be in the magazine business

There's a lot of positive talk about magazines these days - but, interestingly, it's Read More

New Yorker Opens Archives With Site Redesign The New Yorker is making its archive dating back to 2007 available for free into Read More

Content Marketing All-Stars: Q&A with Stephanie Losee of Dell Some leading brands are early adopters of relationship-building strategies that engage consumers and enterprises. Read More

The news about reader attention and the evolution of media isn’t all bad – there’s the “hill of Wow”

A Summary: The future of online media may look like a bleak landscape filled Read More

The digital divide: why we’re underestimating how different the audiences of the future will be

Are we underestimating quite how different the audiences of tomorrow will be? Last week Read More

Marketers Scramble to Unscramble Customer Data

Data collection up in an effort to create individual customer profiles As more tools Read More

National Geographic Comes Full Circle on Recycled Paper

In a victory for the environment, or maybe for marketing, two environmental groups announced Read More

Jill Abramson: “I’m Not Ashamed of Getting Fired”

When Jill Abramson was appointed the first female executive editor of The New York Read More

Johnson Publishing’s Desiree Rogers on Jet’s Move to Digital, Explains Why Digital Apps Are The Future For Black Media

Last week Johnson Publishing Company, the Chicago based entity that has printed Ebony and Read More


Learning to Live Without Source Interlink: ‘This is Not Another Anderson News’ Editor’s note:  Since this report was filed, additional chains have been reported to be in the midst of transition: Giant Eagle, Target, Safeway and Giant; also the first round of Walmarts have reportedly begun transitioning. This will continue to change as more efforts are made to adapt to the situation. The publishing industry is not a... Read more » Read More

5 Ways to Move Beyond SEO to Develop Online Brand Recognition When I was first getting involved in search engine optimization (SEO) a number of years ago, the accepted wisdom of the SEO community was this: Branding is not a problem, or an issue, or a goal in the brave new world of online audience development. Why spend millions of dollars to develop a Nike-style “swoosh”... Read more » Read More

A Simple-But-Effective Formula for a Successful Content Business “I’ve been thinking lately about the intersection of social and community, content and audience, platform and commerce,” said Noelle Skodzinski, founder of mediaShepherd. Read More



Beyond Data and Marketing Automation: The Secret Sauce – by Paul Miller, CEO, UBM Tech Over the past few months I have been meeting with a variety of marketing-automation vendors who are keen to “partner” with our company to provide technology solutions to help clients target the audiences of our media brands. In almost every case, the technology solutions promise to save manual labor and promise to add more precision... Read more » Read More


The Loss of Source Interlink’s Distribution and 12 Titles, and Trying to Find a Lesson in All This Source Interlink had a doozy of a week last week, and that is not said lightly. In fact, it’s said with a very heavy heart. The scale of its news about its “absorption” of 12 of its super-niche print titles into what could be called “parent” brands (e.g., Custom Classic Trucks being absorbed by Classic... Read more » Read More


Why Does the Publishing Industry Seem Set on Destroying Itself? The Time Inc. cover ads lead to sweeping, negative generalizations about our own industry. Why?  A couple issues have stirred the publishing-industry pot in the past week: The one I want to address here is regarding the Verizon Wireless cover ad on Time magazine (and on Sports Illustrated’s new issue), and the controversy over selling ads... Read more » Read More

Q. Which DAM system is being used by most media companies?

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