What Makes Us Unique?

We here at GRMERC want you to live the best life that you possibly can with as little hurt or strain as possible. We are here to make sure that you get the treatment that you need and the relief that comes with it. Testing all of the ways that we recommend to get rid of sciatic nerve pain is just one of the many things that we do to help you feel better.

What Our Customers Say

Fiona Robertson

New York, USA

"My sciatica started during my second pregnancy and because of that I did not want to use any medications and wanted to avoid any therapies that could potentially hurt my baby. I found out about your system while searching for natural methods to get rid of the sciatic pain and just wanted to drop you a quick email to let you know that your system has worked wonderfully for me. The inflammation and pain were gone in just a few days and I have the peace of mind of knowing that I did not use any medications. Thanks!"

Our Story

I used to love to live my life to the absolute fullest. I was a rock climber and enjoyed the great outdoors. One day, about twelve years ago, while I was lifting weights, I injured my back. For a while I just ignored it, thinking that it was normal, since I was working out very hard at the time, but the pain just kept getting worse and worse, not to mention more frequent. I slowly stopped working out and doing a little bit of self research.

After a year, I was still having pain. I went to the doctor and it turns out that I had a herniated disc and was feeling what is commonly referred to as sciatica. I started looking online at different ways to relieve this annoying pain and found that it might be a consistent thing in my life. After that day, I started to do experiments to find what worked and what didn't. Over the course of many years and research, I decided that I know enough to share my solutions with the world.